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    • One pig, a few pies and an abundance of lives

    • “It just seems like whenever you put a challenge in front them they exceed it,” said Bert Raney Elementary PE teacher Mary Grey. This past Thursday BRE students celebrated their most successful Jump Rope for Heart event fundraiser ever. Grey led the effort that raised money for the American Heart Association, which funds lifesaving heart and stroke research and community and educational programs for the community youth. Grey incentivized the drive by challenging the students to raise $3,000 and informing them that if they made their goal they would have a special event. Students chose a pie throwing contest. But the students didn’t raise $3,000 – they raised $5,850! So Grey added to the prize. Not only did the kids get to hit their principal Jodi Kennedy with a pie, but they got to watch a movie and see Grey kiss a pig. It is said that for every $50 raised one life is saved. With the nearly $6,000 in fundraising that translates to 117 lives – talk about the best reward of all. 

      Posted Mar. 3, 2011