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  • Kilowatt journal: Kilowatt alums return to Richter Field

  • Kilowatt Alums 7, Kilowatts 3“Hey batter, whaddya say now kid.”“Oh, yeah that’s a fastball.”“Humana, humana, humana...”“Kingsley! Choke up. Choke up, Kingsley!” And rumbling laughter barks from the dugout.The c...
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  • Kilowatt Alums 7, Kilowatts 3
    “Hey batter, whaddya say now kid.”
    “Oh, yeah that’s a fastball.”
    “Humana, humana, humana...”
    “Kingsley! Choke up. Choke up, Kingsley!” And rumbling laughter barks from the dugout.
    The chatter was exquisite. Finely tuned and honed. No insult was repeated. Combined the Kilowatt Alums represented a breadth and expanse of vocabulary in the lexicographical art of baseball ribbing and chatter that might even impress the people at Webster’s dictionary.
    “Swiiiiiiing batttttta.”
    “That looked good from here, Blue.”
    “Hey silver-back, when you going to get that gig at the mall as Santa Clause? My kids were asking.”
    The Kilowatt alums began the game wary of injury, but everyone at Richter Field saw that more than a few of those old guys could still play. And they proved it with a five run inning that gave them the 7-3 victory in an exhibition against the current Kilowatt team at Richter Field on Sunday evening.
    Kids and grandkids scurried around the Richter Field grounds like ants at a picnic as dad and grandpa laced them up one more time. In a lengthening list of ‘one-more-times’ with baseball.
    “The thing that amazed me the most, sitting in the dugout and watching, was Tim’s and Sukulski and everyones batting stance is exactly the same as it was. Everyone’s throws and mannerisms are the same. It was like it never ended,” said current Kilowatt manager Mike Richter.
    And what about the way the old guys still play?
    “It says a lot about the commitment it takes to be a highly competitive team. I mean in the summer we miss camping trips, I’ll admit birthdays and family events to play baseball. That’s how I was brought up and a lot of these guys too. It’s a beautiful night we’re going to play baseball.”
    The game Sunday was a first for the Kilowatts as they invited members from the 1993 and 2002 Kilowatt State Championship teams back for the weekend, but Mike doesn’t think it’ll be the last.
    “There were just so many good memories out there. And good friends, family, guys I haven’t seen in a long time... “It was a good game and no one got hurt. So yeah I think we’ll try again in the future.”
    Providing maybe another one-more-time for the boys of summer another chance to hear and see Kilowatts, friends and heros.
    B.I. 6, Granite Falls 2
    A home run to lead off the sixth inning slugged by Andrew Brooks put Bird Island up 3-1 as they cruised to a 6-2 victory Friday night at Richter Field.
    Chris Pappadackis put Granite Falls on the board in the fifth with a solo home run, yet the Kilowatts never threatened the Bullfrogs lead.
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    G.F. 000 011 000 — 2 4 3
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