New Assembly of God pastor Larry O. Wegener (below) began his service at the Clarkfield church in October.

new Pastor Q&A: Larry O. Wegener

New Pastor at Assembly of God in Clarkfield

A/T: How did you end up with the pastoral post at Assembly of God?
Wegener: My wife and I went to a service in July not knowing they had no pastor. After service they held a meeting to talk about that situation. After the meeting, some of the members came up to us knowing we were retired pastors and asked us to submit a resume. By September the congregation had voted us in and we moved to Clarkfield September 30.

A/T: What excited you about coming to the church?
Wegener: The Clarkfield Church is a perfect fit. I saw people here who had the same vision I did. Our daughter and her husband and only granddaughter live only four miles from Clarkfield.

A/T: Can you give us a run down of your background, where you're from and your family?
Wegener: I was born and raised on a farm in northeast South Dakota. My wife, Cheryl, was born and raised in Sisseton, SD. I worked for over 20 years in the automotive business. I went to Bible college at the age of 45 at Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota. After graduation in 1996, we pastored the Assembly of God Church in  Britton, SD. In 1999 we pastored the Foursquare Church in Anamosa, Iowa. After working a year at Trinity Bible College, in 2003 we pastored the Foursquare Church in Tipton, Iowa. We retired in November of 2009 and moved to an apartment in Davenport, IA before moving to Clarkfield. Cheryl and I have been married 44 years and have six grown children.

A/T: What have you learned, so far, about your new congregation?
Wegener: Our congregation loves God and wants to serve Him. They want to see the church grow, and the surrounding area reached with the good news about Jesus Christ.

A/T: What’s makes this the right fit for you and your family?
Wegener: I enjoy meeting and getting to know people. We enjoy the small town atmosphere of Clarkfield.

A/T: Do you have any goals you'd like to see the church, or yourself accomplish in the short/or long term?
Wegener: We would like to see our church meet the needs of all age groups, from the oldest to the youngest. We would like to see support groups developed to meet long term needs of alcoholism and drug addiction. Our church has a strong emphasis on young people with midweek activities. We want to be part of the surrounding churches who believe the Bible is the Word of God.