It can be the little things that start your day out right.

We have three small children who love watching movies after breakfast.  However, we find that one movie turns into three which makes it almost lunch time.  They aren't dressed, their hair is a mess, their breath stinks from not brushing, and, well, basic hygiene is out the window.  So, this year my husband and I enacted the Family No-Movies-Until-You-Are-Ready-For-The-Day Act. This has been clearly established as: no movies until you have eaten breakfast, gotten dressed, and brushed your hair and teeth.  It has worked wonders in our family because by the time the movie is done we are up and ready to go wherever the day takes us. It is the dose of spice that I need in my life to know that although we are a family of "rules" (most made rashly in the heat of the moment that are impossible to maintain), this one is working!  It was thought out, it was rational and most importantly it is teaching our kids cleanliness and hygiene and we parents get to pat ourselves on the back that it is working!