Safety is a basic human right.

Safety is a basic human right. Yet, domestic violence perpetrators deprive one in three Minnesotan women of that fundamental right. Through systematic use of abusive tactics, perpetrators denigrate, dominate and endanger their intimate partners and children. Murder is on the extreme end of perpetrator’s power and control tactics. Already in 2013, at least 33 Minnesotans have been murdered in domestic-violence related incidents. Even more startling is that 63,267 victims sought services from domestic violence programs in 2012. This represents a tiny fraction of victims in the state since only one out of every five victims seeks services.

New live violence free flag campaign
October is nationally recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This year Women’s Rural Advocacy Programs, Inc. (WRAP), in conjunction with the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, is launching the Live Violence Free flag campaign. The Live Violence Free flag campaign is a statewide effort to raise awareness about domestic violence and to honor the victims of domestic violence homicides. The Live Violence Free flag is being displayed in communities across Minnesota.
After this initial launch during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Live Violence Free flag will be displayed in our community any time there is a domestic violence homicide in Minnesota. Individuals,  businesses and agencies are all invited to be a part of the Live Violence Free campaign.
For more information about the flag campaign and information about domestic violence, contact WRAP at 800.639.2350 or go to the Coalition’s website at
If you are a victim experiencing abuse, contact Women’s Rural Advocacy Programs, Inc. (WRAP) at 800.639.2350 or Day One at 866-223-1111 to connect with services.