For the first time in many seasons, the boys cross country team advanced two runners to Sections.

For the first time in many seasons, the boys cross country team advanced two runners to Sections. Jacob Carroll finished in second place, qualifying for the second year in a row, getting edged out by Kurt TeBeest by a mere seven seconds. Austin Thomas was the other YME runner to qualify, coming in the last qualifying spot, as only the top 11 runners can run individually at Sections. The boys came in fifth place overall in a very close competition, missing second place by 12 points. The girls team did not have enough runners to qualify for team placing, but were led by Cassie Weir with a time of 17:52. Head Coach Jim Ford was very pleased with the results and already had coaching strategies in place for Thursday’s Sections meet at Adrian. “We have a point of emphasis for Sections. We have got to slow [Carroll and Thomas] down in the first mile,” Ford said. “They get too hyped up.” Ford commented that Carroll’s time was “probably his best time of the year,” adding praise that the teams were able to accomplish what they did with missing kids due to injuries. At Sections, the teams are only able to run seven people. The top two teams qualify for State, and the top eight individuals not on those two teams advance as well. Ford said the goal was to get someone to State, unfazed by threats of weather similar what had delayed the conference match from Tuesday to Wednesday. “So long as it isn’t snowing, we will be in good shape – rain or shine.” Boys Team Scoring (1) Montevideo 30 (2) Benson/KMS 80 (3) Morris Area 81 (4) BOLD 84 (5) Yellow Medicine East 92 (6) Sauk Centre 143 … Paynesville incomplete Boys Individual Top 10 (1) Kurt TeBeest, Mon, 17:17 (2) Jacob Carroll, YME, 17:24 (3) Aaron Goulet, MA, 17:42 (4) Zaccary Enevoldsen, Mon, 18:03 (5) Joe Varpness, Mon, 18:07 (6) Josh Bailey, BKMS, 18:27 (7) Ryan Gray, MA, 18:37 (8) Tristan Weber, Mon, 18:38 (9) Wayne Kosak, BOLD, 18:39 (10) Joseph Gerhartz, SC, 18:40 YME Boys Results (2) Carroll (11) Austin Thomas 18:42 (21) Clint Thomas 19:24 (29) Blake Helgeson 20:13 (32) Isaac Rillo 20:29 Girls Team Scoring (1) Benson/KMS 39 (2) Montevideo 54 (3) Sauk Centre 67 (4) Morris Area 94 (5) Paynesville 120 … incomplete teams: BOLD, Yellow Medicine East Girls Individual Top 10 (1) Claire Sulflow, Mon, 15:21 (2) Bethany Rosemeier, BKMS, 15:31 (3) Promise Butler, Pay, 16:03 (4) Kelli Lewis, SC, 16:17 (5) Savannah Aanerud, MA, 16:29 (6) Jessica Goff, BKMS, 16:33 (7) Jessica Senkyr, BOLD, 16:38 (8) Madison Greenwaldt, SC, 17:09 (9) Libby Peters, BKMS, 17:12 (10) Leah Tessem, BKMS, 17:14 YME Girls Results (17) Cassie Weir 17:52 (29) Morgan Field 19:15 (31) Kaitlyn Ladwig 19:17 (38) Allison Carmany 21:06