Success doesn’t usually come easy and sometimes it is difficult to achieve, no matter how hard you work.

Success doesn’t usually come easy and sometimes it is difficult to achieve, no matter how hard you work. That’s been demonstrated over these past three years for the YME foot ball team. They have worked hard and have come close but finding a victory has lately seemed to be elusive. That hard-to-find success was found last Wednesday night when the Sting beat Morris Area High School at home at Volstead Field. We couldn’t be happier for the student-athletes, the coaching staff, the entire student body and the whole school district. It is easy to say that there is too much emphasis on sports but there is nothing that rallies more people more quickly than a successful sports team. It’s easy to assign blame when things don’t seem to work out for a team or when the losses mount up. That tells you how much sports means to many of us. Thankfully, this group of hard-working athletes and their coaches never gave up, worked hard and finally found some success. Good for them. A victory, even coming late in the season, makes it all seem a lot better. Congratulations to the Sting football team and their coaches for turning the corner. *   *   *   *   *   * Another hallmark of success is a growing need for whatever it is you may be offering. In the case of Project Turnabout, there is a real need and the evidence of that need is the expansion that’s underway at the Granite Falls campus. There have been many challenges over the years for Project Turnabout but the need for a highly successful and reasonably priced addiction treatment center has never waivered. Turnabout has overcome those challenges and met the needs of its patients and their families. The success that Project Turnabout’s treatment programs have seen over the past several years has brought more demand for its services than it has room for. That problem can only be solved by expanding and offering more people another chance to get their lives back on track and begin a full recovery from addiction. Not only will expansion at Project Turnabout allow more access to the treatment that more people and their families need, it will also bring more jobs and more economic activity to our area. It is a clean development in every sense of the word. It’s wonderful to be known as the place where people’s lives took a turn for the better and that is exactly what Project Turnabout brings to Granite Falls and our area. Their work is important and life saving. Success comes in many forms. This is the kind of success that we can all use more of.