When it comes to girls and prom there is perhaps no higher priority than the attire

There’s the car, the corsage and of course the date, but when it comes to girls and prom there is perhaps no higher priority than the attire. In this day and age, some have the means to choose any gown they wish while others are left to hope that they might find a ‘good fit’ on the clearance rack. But a new program at Yellow Medicine East High School is hoping to alleviate anxieties of the latter, helping all girls to adorn themselves in the dress of their dreams.
“This year we decided we were going to try it and just see how it turns out,” said YME Special Education teacher Sheila Koepke. “As far as what to expect and exactly how it’s all going to work, we have no idea.”
Koepke has paired up with YME Social Worker Char Dahl to launch the program which essentially asks community members to donate formal wear and accessories to the school so that it can be made available to prom-going students. The logistics, how and who will get what, etc.––is the part that still needs to be worked out.
Koepke said that she was originally introduced to the idea by a parent who was impacted by a pang of compassion while prom dress shopping with her daughter. According to Koepke, the mother and daughter were rifling through their options unfettered when they noticed another mother-daughter pair picking up dresses of promise that invariably had to be put down because of the price.
“We have a lot of girls in that situation where they can't afford it,” Koepke said.
Koepke and Dahl are asking  that community members consider donating their gently worn prom dresses, formals, bridesmaid dresses and party gowns as well as accessories, such as shoes, bags, jewelry and wraps. The items may be brought to the YME High School office between the hours of 7:40 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. each weekday.
For more information contact: Char Dahl or Sheila Koepke at 320-564-4082. Donations are being accepted now.