Running a business with family isn’t easy, but with lots of love and plenty of forgiveness the new owners of Granite Falls Floral and Green House are looking to lean on one another to bring their visions into reality.

Running a business with family isn’t easy, but with lots of love and plenty of forgiveness the new owners of Granite Falls Floral and Green House are looking to lean on one another to bring their visions into reality.
Brenda and Perry Peterson and two of their four offspring, Amanda Hettver and David Willander, recently acquired Granite Floral and Greenhouse from Diane and Marv Patten when the retired earlier this month after 42 years of operation.
“Marv and Diane have a real passion for the industry. They both love the plants and the people and that is what it’s all about,” said Willander. “We are those kinds of people, too. Hard work and dedication for the profession and our customers are what we would like to see continued.”
The new Granite Floral crew enters the business with over a decade of  greenhouse and landscaping experience as well as about eight years running a business as former owners of Majsdac Hill Greenhouse.
Brenda, David and Amanda were all born and raised southwest of Clarkfield, while Perry grew up south of Tracy. The family green thumb stems back to Brenda’s mother who ran a flower shop many years ago. Each member of the family brings a diversity of skills and experience––whether learned on the job or, in the case of Hettver and Willander, who have degrees in floral design and landscape and nursery technology, respectively, at a formal institution.
“It isn’t always the easiest thing to work with each other,” admits Hettver. “But our good sense of humor and the laughter helps.”
The Pattens had been trying to nudge the family into taking over operation for the last few years, but it wasn’t until recently that the timing worked. Now the new owners are excited about all the traffic their new location should bring.
“We have been here for a number of years but just being a few miles out of town has kept us somewhat hidden. But we give it our all to deliver a high quality product––whether it’s a floral arrangement/ plant for a loved one or a 3D landscape design brought to life––which is why we can’t wait to interact with the people of Granite and the surrounding communities.”
Changes coming
While the new ownership plans to continue exhibiting the Patten’s level of passion, the way that is expressed at Granite Floral and Greenhouse will have a feel that is all the family’s own.
“We want to start a movement to get people excited about the outdoors and shed some light on what flowers/plants/ and gardening can do and is doing for you, your family, and the community as a whole,” Willander said.
What exactly this looks like and how it differs from their predecessors is still taking shape but a few components are coming into focus if not already defined.
At the downtown storefront the family has retained 15-year employee Barb Hagen, though is applying new wall paint and rearranging display items to their taste.  Bigger changes are in store for the Greenhouse where, in coordination with the city’s flood buy-out program, most of the buildings, including the residence, on the site will be removed. In its place, patrons will still find greenhouses as well as a small site where the family hopes to locate small scale home.  
“There will be shade structures outside for shrubs/trees and display plants and customers can shop from inside the comfort of the greenhouses on the rainy days for their perennials and annuals,” said Willander.
The family also noted that they would be offering bulk landscape and gardening products as well as landscape supplies like retaining wall and landscape pavers for do it yourselfers. In addition “Custom Potting” allows customers to bring in a planter and pick out plant, which Granite Floral would then plant according to location, size, color, so that they begin to grow for the customer within the greenhouse until warmer weather arrives.   
Finally, Willander said that there will be a big push toward environmentally friendly materials.
“Our intent is to make a larger focus on Eco-friendly materials and practices through informative signs, and seminars focused on reusing, reducing, and recycling,” he said. “Things like self sustaining landscapes which require small amounts of water to indoor plants that can provide enough oxygen and filtering of chemicals in your home to significantly improve the air quality.”
There will be a Grand Opening at Granite Floral on Nov 30 from 8:00 -5:00 p.m. There will be specials on items throughout the shop. Refreshments and sweets will be served along with prize drawings.