O.K. O.K. I have to admit that looking out the living room window at the winter scene is beautiful.

    O.K. O.K.  I have to admit that looking out the living room window at the winter scene is beautiful. I do not dislike winter ‘Christmas card’ scenes, I dislike the cold that comes with the reality of the scene.
    I have a couple of conundrums today about the holidays and about winter.  I have been trying to figure out why I dislike the cold of winter.  My childhood was filled with days and nights playing outside in the cold, crisp winter air. I loved the snow. As a child I made snow horses with the neighbors so we could play cowboys all winter long.  As a teenager I would walk the block and a half to the outdoor skating rink – the full moon lighting up the alley like it was daytime – the snow crunching under my boots as I literally floated to the rink….walk – slide- run – slide.  I loved it.  As a young adult I took to the ski slopes.  Every chance I would get I would bundle up in my oversized, handmade angora sweater and my stretch ski pants.  I would start at the bunny hill, get my bearings and before I was done for the day I would be completing runs through the woods.  I loved it.
    So, what happened?  One thing that I remember is that as a college student I looked out the window one morning – it was January – the sun was shining – It looked so inviting.  I decided to dress as a coed that day; short skirt and knee highs. I didn’t realize how cold it was until I was at the point of no return – the distance to my class was equally distant from my home.  No sense to turn around. I froze both my knees.
    Then, I’ve been thinking maybe I'm just getting old.
    I was reading Face-book this morning and there in full color was another conundrum:  A Charlie Brown cartoon.  Charlie and Linus are standing outside in the snow, with decorated evergreens in the background.  Linus is saying to Charlie, “It’s really strange. America is the largest Christian Nation in the world, and we can’t say “Merry Christmas.”
    After the high school basketball game last week David and I stopped to visit with a coach.  As we parted I said, “say hi to your wife and Happy Holidays.”  He replied, “Hey, I’m not afraid to speak my mind, Merry Christmas to you.”  Thanks Barry, I needed that reminder.
    I do have a new delight at Christmastime and I can enjoy it from the comfort of my home.  Flash mob Christmas mini-concerts. Today I watched the United States Air Force Band and Choir participate in a flash mob in a mall.  Flash mobs are wonderful.  Beautiful Christmas music, but more than that it is watching the crowds in the malls that stop and listen.  The looks on the faces of the shoppers is – well – it’s joyful.
    I have always loved Christmas music.  I agree with Buddy the Elf. He says, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear.”
    David and I will be leaving soon for warmer parts, but we will bring the music and joy of Christmas with us.  Since I won’t be seeing any of you ‘til spring – “Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.”


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