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The Clarkfield Area Community Foundation held their annual grant recipient celebration, which donated money to ten different Clarkfield entities, including the Clarkfield Area Charter School and the Clarkfield Library.
The event, which was held December 10th at the Filling Station Bar in Clarkfield, dolled out $5207.02 in grants out of the ever-growing endowment.

Grant recipients:
City of Clarkfield- Summer Recreation Program - $600
Augustana Lutheran Church – Hand held sound system - $500
Clarkfield Area Charter School     Seating for gym - $500
Clarkfield Garden Club – Improve Lion’s Park with flowers - $500
Clarkfield Library –Purchase non fiction books for junior readers- $807.02
4-H – Robotics program - $500
Fire Department – Rescue Truck Upgrade - $400
Clarkfield Care Center – Care Center Bus Upgrade - $400
Young Families of Clarkfield – Playground equipment- $500
Lions Club – Concrete and Benches for Lion Park - $500