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A multitude of games and matches were postponed when the brutal Minnesota weather bared its teeth starting with a bizarre rainfall Friday night that left much of southwestern Minnesota covered in a sheet of glare ice.
The "polar vortex," as the subzero weather has become known, affected every current running sport. The wrestlers, originally intending on going to the Buffalo Invitational on Saturday, pulled out of the competition along with other area schools also planning on making the trek.
The dance competition in Alexandria on Saturday still went along as planned, but 13 teams including the Silhouettes chose not to attend.
The girls basketball game in Lakeview was postponed yet again on Saturday from what was originally a postponed game from early December.
The games on Monday night were postponed almost immediately last week after Governor Dayton's announcement that all Minnesota schools were to be closed on Monday. The home boys basketball game scheduled against RCW was postponed to Saturday, Jan. 25 and the girls basketball game scheduled away, also against RCW, was postponed to Thursday, Jan. 16.
Tuesday brought similar frigid temperatures causing schools to be closed and sporting events to be postponed yet again, this time not by the proclamation of the governor.
The home boys basketball game, originally at 6:00 p.m. against ACGC, was rescheduled to Friday, Jan. 17. The wrestling triangular against BOLD and Morris Area has been postponed to a to-be-determined date.
With a projected rise into the balmy 20-30 degree range, the games for the rest of the week should remain on schedule.