Due to the inclement weather, this year’s health challenge kick-off event and registration that had been scheduled for last Sunday was canceled and will not be rescheduled.

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Due to the inclement weather, this year’s health challenge kick-off event and registration that had been scheduled for last Sunday was cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

Register this week
Registration of teams and members will instead take place this week at the weigh-in sites. Each participant and team will receive their Health Challenge Passport to Health and the Health Challenge rules. Each team member can register themselves and their team at any of the weigh-in sites, where each team member can also pay their $10 registration fee ($40/team). In addition, be sure to register the name of your team!

Weigh-in days and places
    The same format as last year will be used.  All members of your team DO NOT all have to weigh in at the same site, However, each member must weigh in at the same site from week to week. You will get two points every time you weigh in again this year, and weigh-ins will be on Thursdays.  There will be three weigh-in sites this year: The Kilowatt Community (KCC), Bert Raney Elementary School and the Granite Falls Hospital.  Everyone MUST weigh in the first week (Thursday, January 9) and the final week (Thursday, March 27) of the challenge.

Food shelf donations earn points
    If you bring a donation for the local food shelf to your weigh-in site, you will receive an additional five points for each week that you donate.

“Pack the Gym”
    You can earn 25 points per person if you attend one of the “Pack the Gym” days. All the “Pack the Gym” days will be at the KCC, and admission will be FREE for all health challenge participants on those days. Get your teammates out to walk and talk, shoot hoops, or go for a swim.

Donate blood
    Again you and your teammates can earn points by donating blood but please try to sign up prior to going to the blood drive location.  Also, if you’re not able to donate blood, you can have someone donate blood in your place and still earn the points!

3K Run / Walk
    On Saturday, March 22, there will be a 3K Run / Walk starting at 10:00 a.m. in front of the KCC.  You will get 25 points per participating team member.  This is not a race so there will not be additional points for coming in first place, but it will be fun!  

Exercise, fitness and self defense
    Every Health Challenge participant may try a class at the KCC for FREE! There will be one free pass for each class.  We have Yoga, Gentle Stretch class, and Water Aerobics.
    Also, there will be opportunities for all Health Challenge participants to try Tae Kwon Do for free! These sessions will be held on Monday, January 27, Monday, February 24 and Monday, March 10 at  7:30 p.m. at Bert Raney Cafeteria. You will be able to get a good work out, and learn a little about Tae Kwon Do!
    In addition, there will a one hour Basic Self Defense class where participants will learn the basics of self defense, broken down to handle many situations.  These will take place on Tuesday, January 28, Tuesday, February 25, and Tuesday March 11 at 7:00 p.m. at the KCC.
“Health Challenge... Continued”
    Congratulations to our “Health Challenge...Continued” winner Jane Connell of Montevideo.

    The 2014 Health Challenge committee encourages everyone to join the fun and lose some of those pounds this winter! Remember to register this week for the Health Challenge.