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Along with a new year comes a new face to the Clarkfield city office. Rebecca Schrupp was hired as the new City Administrator, starting on the first of January.
Schrupp was already hired as the interim City Administrator to stand in starting in mid-December, as well as throwing her own name into the running.
The interviews with Schrupp, as well as three others, were held on the 23rd of December. The council had their decision, and contracted Schrupp after the meeting that night to offer her the position.
“I was very excited when I got the call,” Schrupp said.
Schrupp had worked as an intern for the city before doing general office work, but also worked on the Safe Routes to School program for the Clarkfield Area Charter School in 2012.
The 30-year-old mother of three has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Rasmussen in Mankato, followed by a Masters in Business and Administration from SMSU that she just finished up in July.
Born in Worthington and currently residing in Wood Lake, Schrupp is not only familiar with small towns, but fond of them as well.
“I like the small town atmosphere,” Schrupp said. “I like knowing all of your neighbors.”
While the last decade has seen several City Administrators for Clarkfield, Schrupp feels differently about her own future.
“I’m looking forward to sticking around in the community,” Schrupp said, adding that she was anticipating it being a long term position for her.