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Individuals interested in taking part in a community artistic endeavor and learning a new craft all the while are invited to team up with local artist Tamara Isfeld in the creation of community mosaic that will recognize donor contributions toward the rehabilitation of the K.K. Berge building.
Funded by the Granite Falls Riverfront Revitalization (GFRR) organization and facilitated by the Granite Area Arts Council (GAAC), Isfeld says that she is looking for about a dozen individuals to create the tribute, which will incorporate ceramic, glass, stone and other materials to create the three-piece mosaic.
While the vision of the final project is still in the works and will likely continue to evolve throughout the process of the creation, Isfeld did say that the Minnesota River will be a focal point and that the mosaic itself will be split into three panels, three to five feet high, and roughly 15-20 feet in length as a collective. Once complete, the pieces will adorn the front of the K.K. Berge building.
Isfeld said she’d like to begin work on the project by mid-March and that interested individuals can contact her via facebook; her email:; or through the GAAC phone line at 320-564-4240.