Hospital hopes to boost service and patient confidence with WOC services.

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The Granite Falls Hospital added a new Wound, Ostomy and Continence nursing service as a means of boosting care and restoring patient confidence.
Cindy Cross, the Discharge Planner for the Hospital, took a semester’s worth of classes online through Metropolitan State University to become WOC certified.
“I was essentially taking a semester of college while I was still working full time,” Cross said. “It was pretty intense.”
Cross decided to become certified after noticing that a lot of her job duties were overlapping with what a WOC nurse would offer, yet the hospital had to send patients to other towns to get that service.
“I wanted to make sure that I could provide the best care possible,” Cross said.
Not only does this new service allow for the Granite Falls Hospital to expand their range of coverage, it also alleviates the pressure for local patients who would have had to drive elsewhere for WOC care.
“Usually if somebody has a wound, they are needing wound care two to three times a week,” Cross said. “Then they have to drive to either Willmar or Marshall, sometimes the [Twin Cities] to receive that care. That makes it difficult, especially in the winter. Now they can come here instead.”
The hospital administration released a statement pleased with the addition of the new WOC service.
”Our goal at Granite Falls Municipal Hospital is to alleviate unnecessary worry and confusion that patients dealing with a new and unfamiliar wound or recent ostomy procedure typically encounter,” the statement said. “We’ll do everything we can to help patients return to daily life and healthy lifestyles as quickly as possible.”