“For me it was that constant look of ’awe’ in the students eyes that made all the hard work, 30-hour bus rides and fundraising worth every second ”

The Yellow Medicine East High School Jazz Band, Band and Choir performed at the Walt Disney World Resort on March 24 and 25 as part of the Disney Performing Arts program at the Waterside Stage in Downtown Disney and Melody Gardens in EPCOT.
Vocal, instrumental and dance ensembles from all around the world apply to perform at the venue each year. The fact that last week’s trip to sunny Florida marked school’s third inclusion into the event is a testament to the quality of the YME programs, and in particular its kids.
Altogether there were 10 adults and  69 students, two-thirds of whom who had never been to Florida, representing Yellow Medicine East. In addition to the performance, the trip-goers found time to swim at Cocoa Beach, viewed an elaborate fireworks display and of course take in both Universal Studios and Disney World.
According to Boelter and Iverson, time and again the conduct of the students and the quality of the performances were noted by onlookers––whether it be a Universal Studio’s employee pointing out the band and choir members’ exceptional “maturity and generosity” or the student of another visiting program lamenting, "I wish our choir could perform like that!"
The choir and band teachers each said they prized the opportunity to show off the students talent and to treat so many to new experiences in what was previously an unchartered corner of the country for so many.
“For me it was that constant look of ’awe’ in the students eyes that made all the hard work, 30-hour bus rides and fundraising  worth every second ” commented Boelter.
The Florida trip was a great experience for the students to not only perform, but it was also a chance for them to see different parts of our country and be on their own for a few days,” said Iverson, adding:
“They represented our school community well. The Jazz Choir, Concert Choir, and Concert Band members should all be proud of what they accomplished.”