Finding the money remains the problem for the Clarkfield Fire Department.

The attempts to get a fire truck replacement continued to stall, as the Clarkfield City Council’s plans for payment were still unclear.
“Money is still the problem,” Mayor Gene Kockelman said. “This thing has to be paid for.”
The bulk of the uncertainty came from the feeling that townships should pay a proportionate amount of money based on the fire calls they require, which was an estimated 55 percent of calls, compared to 45 percent for the city.
“We don’t want to strap an unproportionate amount of money to the citizens of Clarkfield,” Council member Dave Biermaier said. “We need some documentation addressing the city that they will get paid back.”
However, the Fire Chief Francis Staab didn’t feel like uncertainty outweighed the need for a new truck.
“If we keep dragging our feet on this, it is going to cost more money,” Staab said. “I don’t want to be responsible for a truck not starting and not being able to stop a fire – the liability of that falls on the city.”
The fire department already has nearly $40,000 saved for a replacement vehicle, according to Dave Smith who heads the fire truck replacement committee on behalf of the fire department.
The council and fire department agreed to schedule a special meeting for the township boards to attend at 7:00 p.m. at the EMS building on the 15th during the regular City Council meeting time. The regular meeting will be scheduled for 5:30 instead.

In other news
•    Bryce Miller was unanimously appointed to the Clarkfield EDA following a recommendation from the EDA. His application was accepted and approved by the EDA at the March 24 meeting, but was waiting on council approval.
•    Discussions for wage increases were tabled for the April 15 meeting.
•    The Citywide Cleanup Day has been scheduled for May 3rd for all items except for paint and chemicals.