Grant will cover musical groups, artist demonstrations and a magician.

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The Yellow Medicine County Fair was awarded $10,752.69 in grant funds for entertainment related to history or the arts. It will cover such things as the musical groups in the Pavilion, a magician, artist demonstrations, and the Raptor Center. Ninety percent of the funds will be received in advance with the remainder paid upon completion of the grant requirements.
Grandstand entertainment is nearly finalized. The track will be brought back to racing condition, and sprint races will be held Thursday evening, July 24. Friday will be a ranch rodeo, and Saturday will again be the Night of Destruction. Specific events for Saturday evening were discussed, with a consensus that there will not be a combine demo derby due lack of participants.
Lyndon Peterson, one man band, was booked for Saturday in the Heritage Center, and a bib overall history and fashion show will be in the Pavilion.
The possibility of an outdoor movie was discussed. This would be done Friday evening.
The board approved use of the Pavilion for a show fitting clinic for cattle and sheep on April 12.
Alicia Webb reported on the 4-H livestock registration which is now done online. So far, it is going smoothly.
A $500 donation towards the bleachers in the livestock arena was received from the Canby elevator.
A donation request for concrete under the bleachers has been sent, and a response is being awaited.
A food vendor is still being sought for the fair. Some less inclusive vendors that sell only popcorn or cotton candy, for example, will be contacted if one cannot be found to supply a wider variety.
The fair’s new website is up at It will continue to be worked on and updated. A new Facebook page is up as well, titled Yellow Medicine County Fair.
The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 22, at 7 p.m. in the Clarkfield USDA building