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  • RANKED: The Hottest Pre-IPO Adtech Startups Of 2014

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    Last year, we began ranking pre-IPO adtech companies by size and importance. Since then, the adtech IPO market has just gotten hotter.
    Rubicon Project filed for an IPO, and its stock popped nicely on the first day — making adtech IPOs suddenly much more interesting than they used to be.
    Tubemogul also filed for an IPO. DataXu confirmed it will do the same thing.
    And, biggest of all, Pinterest looks like it is gearing up an adtech revenue model — always a pre-IPO sign.
    In the last year or so we've seen IPOs from Millennial Media, which raised $130 million, Tremor Video ($75 million), YuMe ($46 million), Rocket Fuel ($116 million), Marin Software ($105 million) and Criteo ($190 million).
    This ranking looks at the hotter companies subject to IPO (or at least big exit deal) rumors right now. Our data comes from Crunchbase, LinkedIn, our own reporting and that of other business publications. We've tried to rank them by revenues. See our methodology at the end.17. xAd: GOOGLE'S WAZE PARTNER HAS TAKEN $24M IN FUNDING
    CEO: Dipanshu Sharma
    Estimated gross revenues: $65 million, net revenue would be less than that.
    Employees: 102
    Total venture funding: $24 million
    Comment: xAd tracks in-store visits from people who recently saw mobile ads, allowing clients to do hyper-local mobile targeting and location-based "retargeting" (hitting you with an ad just bceause you were recently near a relevant store).
    We believe xAd is profitable. Its clients include Macy's, Home Depot (direct) and YP. xAd also gets revenue from platform partners using xAd for their long tail. More importantly, xAd is the exclusive third-party provider of search and display mobile ads for Waze, Google's new mobile traffic mapping app.
    CEO: Simon Khalaf
    Estimated revenues: $100 million
    Employees: 140
    Total venture funding: $50.5 million
    Comment: "I consider an IPO an entrance," CEO Simon Khalaf told us. "We don't have a choice, our volume is too high and our scale is too big for anyone to absorb us."
    CEO: Ragy Thomas
    Estimated revenues: unknown.
    Employees: 300
    Total venture funding: $28 million
    Comments: Sprinklr targets large companies that need massive social, CRM and enterprise communications management needs. (In plain English, imagine a company that has a different Twitter account for every single product it market in every single country. Now multiply that across all the other platforms companies need to use to communicate — LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Global companies can easily end up with hundreds or thousands of social media accounts. Sprinklr's products can sit on top all of, that making them much easier to manage.)
    So far, Sprinklr has flown mostly under the radar.
    The company acquired The Dachis Group earlier this year for an undisclosed sum. TBG Digital — one of Facebook's larger ad partners — is now Sprinklr's de facto Facebook ad-buying arm.
    CEO: Jan Rezab
    Estimated revenues: $30 million
    Employees: 300
    Total venture funding: $34 million
    Comment: Socialbakers is one of Facebook's larger international ads partners. It "would be profitable immediately if we were not investing in scale, growth and international," Rezab told us. The company is growing its offices in New York and San Francisco (it's based in Prague). SB also has 1,500 clients, including Nestle, Nissan, HP and eBay.
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