The car chase that ended with a fire in a field started in Granite Falls.

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Officers with the Montevideo Police Department were involved in a 15 minute car chase that began between Fifth and Sixth streets on Canyon Avenue and ended in the middle of a field in Havelock Township, north of Montevideo.
The stolen vehicle was occupied by three people; The driver, Daniel Pelkey, 26, of Willmar, was arrested and charged with fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, second degree test refusal (chemical test), unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, driving after revocation and stop sign violation.
The chase began at 3:12 a.m. on Thursday, April 24, after the Montevideo Police Department received word from the Granite Falls Police Department that a stolen vehicle out of Kandiyohi County was seen heading to Montevideo. An officer on patrol located the vehicle entering Montevideo on State Road and followed to confirm it was the stolen vehicle (a Chevrolet Silverado pickup). The officer attempted to pull the vehicle over but had to pursue when it fled on Canyon Avenue and then north on Fifth Street.
A video posted by the Montevideo Police Department on their Facebook page shows the officer pursuing the vehicle north on Fifth Street and across Highway 7 where it is nearly t-boned by a vehicle. It then jumps over the curb and grass division near Verizon Wireless, and continues north on Fifth Street.
The vehicle then travels to Benson Road and continues north out of Montevideo. North of 20th Street SW, the vehicle enters a field and heads east. In the field, the lights were shut off on the vehicle in an attempt to lose the pursuing officer. The officer uses squad spotlights to illuminate the pickup.
Then, the pickup drives onto 20th Street SW. The vehicle then travels east on 20th Street West  until turning north on 20th Avenue SE. The vehicle turns east into a farm site and back into a field.
The vehicle finally comes to a stop in that field in the middle of Havelock Township, section 27. Due to two flat tires, the truck is stuck in the muddy field.
Three occupants attempted to flee, but complied with orders to get on the ground when the pursuing officer drew their firearm.
Moments later, the stolen vehicle started on fire, and the officer helped the three on the ground safely away before handcuffing them.
According to a complaint filed at the Chippewa County Courthouse: After transporting the three suspects to the Chippewa County Jail, an officer noticed Pelkey, the driver, was showing obvious signs of impairment, and was staggering back and forth.
The officer read Pelkey the Minnesota Implied Consent Advisory, and asked if he could conduct a drug test. According to the complaint, Pelkey cussed at and made lewd comments to the officer in response. Pelkey refused any drug testing.
Records show Pelkey was convicted of driving while under the influence of a controlled substance on March 31, 2011.
Officers were later able to confirm the pickup was stolen from Lake Lillian the previous day.