Scott Pederson's barn will house 2400 hogs.

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The Yellow Medicine County Board followed a recommendation by the YMC Planning Commission at its regularly schedule meeting on Tuesday April 22 to approve a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Scott Pederson in regard to a 102’ x 200’ hog confinement barn, with 102’ x 200’ x 8’ pit, that would house 2,400 hogs, or 720 animal units, in a Rural Preservation Management District in Sioux Agency Township, roughly four miles north of Echo.
According to planning commission minutes, the CUP was required  by the county’s land use and related resource management ordinance, which dictates that a CUP be issued for new feedlots over 500 animal units.
There were several individuals at the meeting who spoke both in favor of the project as well as about its concerns.
Concerns involved potential impacts to groundwater and odor. In the end, the permit received unanimous approval with two conditions. One, that Pederson plant and maintain two rows of fast growing trees on the east side of the barn within one year of the start of construction of the new barn––as well as leave trees already in existence on the south side. And, second, that manure pit and/or feed additives be utilized to maintain odor control.

In other news:
•The board accepted the resignation of YMC Family Service Administrative Secretary Barb Gustafson as well as a request by Family Service Director Rae Ann Keeler-Aus to rehire the position.
Gustafson’s resignation will be effective July 11, 2014 while her yet to be hired replacement,would be brought on mid-June to allow for orientation and training. The position is considered a Grade 10 on the Springsted scale, which at a Step 1 hourly pay rate, would involve compensation of $13.04 per hour.
•Also at the recommendation of Keeler-Aus, commissioners approved  a proclamation designating May as Mental Health Awareness month in YM County.
•Commissioners elected to table a decision until its next meeting  regarding a request by YMC Water Plan Coordinator Jolene Johnson, made on behalf of the YMC Planning and Zoning Office, that would see the office renamed the Resource Management Office.
Johnson said the request came about because current employees felt that the term more accurately encompassed the functions of the office, which entails programs including: planning and zoning, septic systems, feed lots, ditches, water plan, ag inspector and household hazardous waste.
Johnson said there would be a minor swapping of duties that would be handled by department personnel and that any financial impacts would be minimal. Pre-printed office supplies with the ‘old’ moniker would be used up before any would be ordered with the new heading, she said.