Despite a signed petition, too many unknowns and unlicensed dogs are still present

Dog lovers in Clarkfield were unable to convince the city council of the need for a dog park, despite a signed petition.
The petition asked for the council to okay land that belonged to the city for volunteers to build a fenced in area for the citizens to walk and play with their canine companions, previously proposed near the softball field.
Although several people had expressed interest, council member Dave Biermaier called it a “dead issue.”
“No one on the petition has followed the [dog license] ordinance,” Biermaier said.
Only two dogs in Clarkfield are currently licensed with the city office, which requires that dogs are up to date on their vaccinations.
“You own a dog, but you don’t have vaccines? How can you sign a petition for a dog park?” Mayor Gene Kockelman said.
The council has stated previously that no city money will go toward the buying of fencing or installation, just the approval of land use, if convinced of the need for such a park.
City Administrator Becca Schrupp noted that the next city-wide vaccination clinic will take place on May 20th.  

It was discovered during the Tornado Awareness Day last Thursday that the tornado sirens are barely audible in the vicinity of the Clarkfield Area Charter School.
Either due to noise at the Prairie Grain Partners elevator, the lack of more siren towers, a faulty tower or a combination has made hearing the warning system difficult.
“I won’t sleep at night until I know this is covered,” Dave Biermaier said.
The city is looking into grants for more towers, although it is too late for FEMA grants for 2014. They also discussed partnering with the Fire Department, who already serve as tornado spotters, to help warn the affected neighborhood.