“She’s a very happy child,” Vicki Reishus, her grandmother, said simply.

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There’s just something about little Addison Doyle –– a sort of tranquil presence that while waiting for the opportunity to please seems to calm the entirety of the room around her.
Given all that she’s been through  in her short life, that’s a good thing. At the very least, it serves to ease the situation of parents Tom and Marci Doyle, as well as the rest of the family support system around the –– an overflowing with love type still grieving from the idea that Addison never access to the human body’s full spectrum of capabilities.  
Born with spina bifida, one of the nation’s most common birth defects,  Addison came into this world without a portion of spinal cord having been able to fully fuse, creating a hole in her back. Of the myelomeningocele type, it is considered to be the most severe form of the disorder. As a result, she may face cognitive impairments and never be able to walk,
It’s a sad thing. Something that makes one angry at the imbalances of a world that might cause it –– and yet, Addison is smiling.  Even after having to undergo surgery her first day of life, and several others subsequent. Even though she sat on what doctors said was a significantly painful tumor pressing the nerves of her lower spine –– she smiles. And not in a vacant way. Very consciously and very intentionally. Like all the discomfort had just served as charcter development.
“She’s a very happy child,” Vicki Reishus, her grandmother, said simply.
For all of those smiles, the surrounding communities have not kept themselves blind to any of the difficulties that Addison’s serene state might belie. In response Granite Falls Lutheran organized a benefit for this past Sunday. In addition, Addison  was invited to be a part of the annual at the Tim Orth event and in what almost perfectly aligned with her second birthday in May, the family won a shopping sweepstakes through the Tim Orth event, which brought the family over $3,500 in merchandise from the Alco store in Olivia.
The family said it has been humbled by the level of the generosity extended them they expressed deep thanks.
Interestingly, all of the good will was provided in hopes of propagating more smiles, but with Addison that outcome was already inevitable. That, in the context of all that seemingly was kept from her, is certainly worth noting as a significant gift. For her, and everyone around her.