$100 reward is offered

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Vandals struck downtown Granite Falls early Tuesday morning damaging the iconic and renowned Popcorn Stand, breaking a window with a piece of brick and attempting to break another window with a chunk of street asphalt. The north window was shattered, scattering glass shards throughout the inside of the popcorn stand, which is owned by the Granite Falls Kiwanis Club. In addition to the scatterered glass shards, there was also minor damage to the popcorn popper.

The vandalism damage was discovered by Kiwanis member and popcorn stand coordinator Les Bergquist when he stopped at the stand shortly after 7 a.m. Tuesday morning. The Granite Falls Police Department was called and investigated the scene. Earlier around 12:13 a.m. and unidentified cell phone caller contacted the Yellow Medicine County Sheriff's Dispatcher to report that "kids" had been seen throwing rocks toward the Granite Falls Bank. When officers arrived at the bank shortly there after, there was nobody at the scene. It is hoped that the unidentified caller will contact the police department and provide a more complete description of the kids who had been at the scene.
Later, occupants of a nearby upstairs apartment stated that they had heard the sound of glass breaking sometime between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m.
Anyone with any information is encouraged to call the Granite Falls Police Department at 320-564-2129.

Kiwanis Club members are offering a $100 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who damaged the popcorn stand.
Meanwhile the popcorn stand opened for business as usual on Tuesday evening, albeit with plywood temporarily installed in the north window frame.