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After a smooth two day transition, the county attorney’s offices are running business as usual in their new location within the courthouse.
The staff was relocated as a means to solve spacial issues in a small building.
“We decided [we] needed additional space, so when the board room opened, we moved up,” County Attorney Keith Helgeson said.
The attorney’s offices moved to the space that used to be filled by the old Board Room, Restorative Justice and the Assessors and Recorders offices on the north side of the courthouse.
This space allows for an unintended perk of added safety by being enclosed and with locked doors, something that was missing from the Prentice Street location.
“We have had a couple incidents over the last few years removing disgruntled people from our office,” Helgeson said. “It is safer now for my staff.”
The move also serves to be a cost saving measure, as the county will no longer need to pay rent on Prentice Street, a space in which they had occupied since 2007.
The tentative courthouse plans include floor space for the attorney’s to have adequate office space, as well as a bigger, more useable courtroom.