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During last week’s City Council meeting the Granite Falls EDA approved a $5,000 loan to Donna Grieger to allow for continued food service at the local Minnesota West Community and Technical College.
According to a letter written by Campus Dean Linda DeGriselles, Grieger has worked in the campus over the past year providing food service. Due to health reasons, the former food service manager will not be returning to the position this fall. The post had been privatized in prior years as a result of budget constraints.
“The college supports food service by providing the facility, food service equipment and utilities,” DeGriselles said in the letter. “In return, we have topnotch food service on the campus for students, community members and staff and faculty.”
The EDA loan, approved unanimously by council, will be issued at annual rate of three percent interest over a two-year period. The loan will be used to purchase initial groceries, a license to serve food and to fund the initial payroll for Grieger, who will be employed part-time.
In other news, the council was informed that the bookstores of Minnesota West’s Granite Falls and Pipestone’s campus would be closed. According to Friends of the Minnesota West Campus Chairman Richard Jepson, this was in large part due to the obsolescence of bookstores in general––as students now typically purchase books through other, typically online avenues. He also said that the school was still discussing how it could still provide ways for students to purchase campus paraphernalia as well as basic notebooks, writing utensils and other basic supplies.