Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate hopefuls Johnson and McFadden selected to represent the Republican party.

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Unlike 2012, which saw record voter turnout for a four-way race for Yellow Medicine County commissioner, the Tuesday primary elections were relatively quiet.
Voters still turned out all over the county to cast their ballots for U.S. congressional and Minnesota state seats.
On the Democratic side of things, the primaries were hardly competitive, as incumbents Sen. Al Franken and Gov. Mark Dayton were projected to retain their party seats. Both received well over 90 percent of the Democratic vote.
The Republicans, however, had two competitive races, especially the gubernatorial race, which saw four candidates, each with relatively the same shot of winning.
According to the Secretary of State’s office, Jeff Johnson won the Republican bid for governor with 30.30 percent of the Republican vote, followed by Kurt Zellers with 23.93 percent, Marty Seifert with 21.11 percent and Scott Honour with 20.86.
Locally, the results differed from the State results, mostly in respect to the Republican gubernatorial bid. In Yellow Medicine County, Marty Seifert received 85.40 percent of the vote, with eventual winner Johnson only receiving 24 votes, or 4.73 percent.
The second race that was closely watched was the Republican Senate primary, the winner of which will face Al Franken in November. Mike McFadden ended up winning, with 71.68 percent of the vote overall, with the runner up Jim Abeler snagging 14.81 percent.
The broken down results for Granite Falls and Clarkfield are as follows:
(Candidate, Votes, Percentage)

Granite Falls Ward 1
Republican Senate – Mike McFadden, 31, 70.45, Jim Abeler, 7, 15.91.

Republican Governor – Marty Seifert (Pam Myhra) 28, 62.22, Kurt Zellers (Dean Simpson) 7 15.56, Jeff Johnson (Bill Kuisle) 7, 15.56

Granite Falls Ward 2
Republican Senate – McFadden, 15, 57.69, Jim Abeler, 7, 26.92, David Carlson, 3, 11.54, Patrick Munro, 1, 3.85

Republican Govenor – Seifert, 15, 53.57, Zellers, 6, 21.43, Merrill Anderson, 1, 3.57, Jeff Johnson, 6, 21.43

Republican Senate - McFadden, 18, 18.82, Carlson, 2, 9.09, Abeler, 1, 4.55,  Patrick Munro, 1, 4.55

Republican Governor –  Seifert, 22, 84.62, Zellers, 3, 11.54, Honour, 1, 3.85