Skajaquoda reveals new potential product.

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The Agustsson brother’s brain trust of Skajaquoda is at it again, launching their second, and already successful, Kickstarter campaign for its new product,  Sun Strap.
Like it’s Kickstarter predecessor, the portable wind turbine, ‘Trinity,’ Sun Strap involves the utilization of renewable energy in a creative, functional and highly portable package employed at the level of the individual.
According to Skajaquoda Founder and CEO Einar Agustsson, the Sun Strap uses a flexible solar panel that goes around most any bag strap and charges its internal battery while an individual is in the presence of sunlight throughout their day.
At 1.5W, the flexible solar panel won’t run your washing machine but will energize its 5600 mAh built-in battery, which is capable of powering-up a number of USB devices including a smartphone, tablet or camera.
Agustsson emphasized the utility of the exceedingly lightweight. durable and waterproof product that when fully juiced is capable of charging an iPhone 5 the equivalent of 3.5 times.
“We wanted to design something that is always exposed to the sun, charges automatically as you go about your day and is appealing and more comfortable than what currently exists,” said Skajaquoda Vice President Agust Agustsson.
Launching their Kickstarter campaign on August 10, the brothers are again looking to garner funding to manufacture their product by using the popular social media website as its platform.
With Trinity the pair originally sought to raise $50,000 within one month’s time, but after drawing well over 300 backers they ended up far surpassing the goal, garnering well over $75,000. Given its less expensive production costs, the mark Skajaquoda has set to for the Sun Strap to move into productions is a more meager $15,000. And with some 20 days, the pair is well over halfway to the sum.
“It’s fantastic tool,” Einar Agustsson said of Kickstarter.  “Whatever money comes in it helps start the manufacturing, but you also get so much publicity.”
The Skajaquoda CEO said that he has had individual investors offer project financing, while on another occasion a company offered to buy the ‘Trinity’ idea  with the intent of manufacturing the portable turbine itself.
Knowing a good idea when they dream it, the Agustssons have held on to the rights of their products and say they are excited to reveal what else they have coming down the pipeline. At present, they’re tinkering on a number of smaller projects.  while continuing to retrofit its former school base of operations in preparation for more intensive and perhaps  profound projects in the future.
Search for Skajaquoda’s Sun Strap on the  Kickstarter website for more.