Kristie Syring has let nothing stand in the way of achieving her dream career at Walt Disney World.

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Ask any young girl where they want to go and they will probably say Disney World. There is nothing there not to love between the princesses, the castles, the rides, and, especially for Kristie Syring, the costumes.   Of course, going to Disney is usually a very short vacation ending with wishes of being able to stay longer. However, Disney is the place where wishes come true...
Kristie Syring, who grew up outside of Granite Falls on her family’s farm and graduated from E.C.H.O. Charter in 2009, began working on the team of creative experts behind the costumes in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She is on the patterning/CED team that develops the patterns for the entertainment and character costumes for the parks and cruise line. Her team is located in Hollywood Studios. If you have ever gone on the Backlot Tour you will have seen Creative Costuming where she works.
Kristie would vacation to Disney with her family as a kid and admire the detail and craftsmanship of the costumes. Syring comes from a long line of seamstresses, including her mother and grandmother.
“My mother’s creativity really sparked my interests at a young age,” Syring said. “She and I could spend hours in the fabric store and think nothing of it. I was very fortunate to be brought up in such a long line of creative people.”
After graduating high school, Kristie followed her passions and studied Apparel Design, Merchandising, and Production with an emphasis on Creative Design at Iowa State University. She also showcased her work in the Iowa State fashion show and was a director of the show her senior year.
She spent a semester at Disney World in Disney’s College Program as well as a semester abroad in London. There, Krisite was fortunate enough not only to help out at London’s fashion week, but also to gain experience with the children’s wear designer and Crown Princess of Greece Marie-Chantal. Syring also worked with Vera Bradley, Inc. as the Product Development intern between her junior and senior year.
After graduating from Iowa State Kristie moved to Florida and began working as the Costume Workroom Professional Intern at Walt Disney World on June 12, 2013. She worked with the patterning/CAD team. After her internship was up on June 8, 2014 she was offered the full-time position in Hollywood Studios that she currently holds.
Syring noted, “I always wondered what would it be like to work in that awesome costume shop and now I am living my dream.”