The Granite Falls Municipal Hospital and Manor staff were rewarded for their hard work and dedication earlier this month through new designation that was granted to the facility once again. Thanks to the work of the staff, the Granite Hospital received a ‘CALS Hospital’ designation. CALS is short for ‘Comprehensivc Advanced Life Support.’ It entails educational programs that are geared directly for rural health care providers to meet the unique challenges presented by rural health care.

According to CALS, the training teaches “an effective approach to the care of critically ill/injured patients manifesting a wide range of emergencies, including trauma, cardiac, strokes, pediatric, OB, neonatal, airway compromise, and sepsis. A CALS Hospital designation, therefore, is given to recognize and honor the fact that the staff have completed a CALS training program and the right emergency equipment is stocked and maintained at the facility.

According to CALS, “More than 96% of participants report that taking the CALS course enhanced their skills, confidence, and teamwork abilities, leaving them better prepared to treat critically ill or injured patients. The facility had achieved the CALS designation first in 2008. At that time, the facility was only the second Hospital to have done so.

The Hospital has continued to uphold its status as a CALS Hospital and was recently recognized for its efforts. On November 8, the Granite Falls Hospital was presented with the CALS designation award at the St. Paul Lutheran Church. The staff listened to encouragement from Dr. Darrell Carter and representatives from CALS give quick presentations and celebrated the occasion with a luncheon together. Paul Lakeman, the Executive Director of CALS stated, “You should be proud of yourselves for getting this award, it’s pretty special. And it means that the people who are working here are pretty special as well.”