The Sting boys battled Benson in a basketball game Thursday night. The score was even for the first chunk of the game. Benson was getting most of the rebounds. Towards the end of the first half, a 3-pointer and some free throws gave Benson a small lead 32-25. During the second half Benson started to pull away. 41-28. The Sting had a tougher time penetrating and had to shoot from the outside.

The Sting changed strategy and started to catch up with a string on unanswered points 37-41. During the last 7 minutes the Sting stepped it up a notch. Both teams got more physical. Going in to the last two minutes the Sting were down by 9, and the final score was 51-59 in favor on Benson.

Max Peterson was the top scorer of the night, with 17 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals, followed by Ty Headman with 15 points, 1 rebound, and 3 steals.

For the Sting, Tom Lindstrom had a strong showing with 13 points, 7 assists, 9 rebounds, and 5 steals. Will Jeseritz scored 11 points, along with 8 rebounds, and 2 steals. Also scoring for the Sting were Cole Richter and Noah Christensen with 8 points, Nick Peterson with 6 points, and Nicky Lindstrom with 5 points.

Coach Jake Suter had this to say, “We had a much better effort defensively compared to Tuesday night against Canby. We struggled getting the ball to move at times. We had some good shots that didn't fall through. We have to credit Benson. They played really good defense. They did some things to take us out of our normal game, by switching on screens, Roger always does that, he's a good coach. They play in the West Central conference, which is a much more physical conference. I'm really proud of the way we played defensively, we held their top scorer down. Our guys did well.”

YME 25-26-51

Benson 32-27-59


Scoring: Max Peterson 17, Ty Headman 15, Layton Connely 11, Zack Sonnabend 8, Justin Goossen 5, Sam Lunderberk 3

3 point shots: Ty Headman 4, Layton Connely 3, Max Peterson 1

Assists: N/A

Rebounds: Justin Goossen 6, Layton Connely 5, Max Peterson 4, Sam Lunderberk 2, Nathan Habben 2, Ty Headman 1

Steals: Ty Headman 3, Layton Connely 2, Max Peterson 2, Justin Goossen 2, Nathan Habben 1, Zack Sonnabend 1


Scoring: Tom Lindstrom 13, Will Jeseritz 11, Cole Richter 8, Noah Christensen 8 Nick Peterson 6, Nicky Lindstrom 5

3-point shots: Nicky Lindstrom 1, Cole Richter 1, Nick Peterson 1, Tom Lindstrom 1

Assists: Tom Lindstrom 7, Will Jeseritz 3, Nicky Lindstrom 1, Cole Richter 1, Nick Peterson 1, Trent Skjefte 1

Rebounds: Tom Lindstrom 9, Will Jeseritz 8, Nicky Lindstrom 4, Trent Skjefte 3, Cole Richter 1, Nick Peterson 1

Steals: Tom Lindstrom 5, Cole Richter 2, Will Jeseritz 2