The Sting girls played Minneota in an exciting game Friday night. Both teams were a little slow to get started. After 10 minutes, both teams started sinking 3 pointers. The Sting kept missing shots in the paint. The score stayed fairly even, half time was 21-26 in favor of Minneota. During the second half, Minneota pulled away a bit, 31-22. Then the Sting started chaining good passes and took the lead with a string of unanswered baskets 34-31. From there it was a back and forth struggle to get ahead. With 5 minutes left, Kaitlyn Mortenson sunk a 3 pointer and tied it up 51-51 and the crowd came to life. Cheers rang out as the Sting pulled ahead. The Sting were winning 56-53. There was a mistake during the crunch time. At one point, the Sting had re-gained the lead, then a player fouled Minneota to stop the clock again. Fortunately the girl missed the free throw. Minneota scored a few times and pulled ahead again. With less than 30 seconds left, Anna McCosh scored a free throw and tied it up to send the game in to overtime. In high school, overtime is an extra 4 minute period. Whoever has the most points at the final buzzer wins. There is a coin flip to determine possession and sides. Minneota prevailed and won 71-66. Coach Haakenson had this to say, "I think we played a very competitive basketball game. We talked at the beginning of the year that the beginning and the end of our season is difficult because we're playing very good teams. I felt out of all the teams, Minneota was playing as well as everybody, they're coming off some big wins. I'm ok with tonight. We lost, but we did enough things that if we're playing other teams, we're playing at a high enough level that it'll go well. Our girls play hard, they're very athletic. We're inexperienced, but we're playing for next year, too. It's fun to be competitive and have almost all the girls return next year. We have 1 9th, 4 10th, 2 11th and Megan Larson is our one senior. I felt like Minneota didn't play their best game early on. They were giving us opportunities to do things to build a lead. That was a chance for us to put pressure on them. They were probably ripe to be beaten tonight. They had a tough game last night, and have some tough ones coming up. But we played hard and gave it everything we had. We never make excuses." Half Time Score: Minneota-26 YME-21 Regulation Score: 62-62 Tied OT Final Score: Minneota-71 YME-66 YME Scoring: Anna McCosh-28; Hannah Gullickson-18; Kaitlyn Mortenson-10 YME Rebounds: McCosh-18; Gullickson-11; Meeghen Dahlager-8 YME Assists: Dahlager-8; Mortenson-4 YME Steals: McCosh-4 YME Blocks: McCosh-2 Minneota Scoring: Lydia Sussner-30; Morgan Hennen-15; Lizzy Gillingham-6