Tara Mickel recently held a Grand Opening of her custom T-shirt shop - Tara's Tees, in Maynard. She went to school for communications, art, and design. She then worked at the Advocate Tribune for a while doing ads, and then went to an embroidery shop. Later she learned web design to expand her skills. Mickel married her husband, Ryan. He had a construction business in Maynard, so they decided to live there. They decided to add the apparel business as an expansion to his shop. They tried ordering shirts for his company, and it would have cost over $1000 for one dozen shirts.

Mickel's printer for the shirts is a result of technology becoming more available at a pro-sumer level. It does not limit the shirts to 6 colors, and shirts take less than a minute to print. There's also a pre-treatment that gets sprayed on the shirts to expand the colors and materials she is able to utilize. She helps clients with designs, and also has clients that bring in their own designs. She's gotten a lot of clients through the internet, Facebook in particular.

Mickel loves running the shop. She's able to utilize the skills she went to school for. "I get to sit on the computer and make designs and make t-shirts. And I get to come and go as I please." When she's not at the shop, she likes spending time with her family, camping and swimming. They have a 5 year old, a 1 year old, a baby on the way, as well as 19 and 17 year old girls. Tara's Tee's is open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm. She has a facebook page as well as a website ww.companycasuals.com/tarastees