You may have seen the sign for the "Card Studio" on 8th St. We sat down with the lady behind the sign, Lila Lindberg, to learn more about her and her high end cards. Lindberg grew up in South Dakota. She studied Art and Elementary Education. Art runs through her family. Her father, grandfather, and brother were all artists in some capacity, mostly drawing and painting.

She taught on an Indian reservation before moving to Minnesota, where she chose to stay. She kept teaching, and had students do arts and crafts projects to keep her art skills in use. She went to nursing school at age 40, where a friend of hers invited her to a stamping party. A stamping party is where ladies gather to play with rubber stamps they've accumulated. Lindberg was aware of the "danger" of getting sucked in to another craft medium, she was already involved with drawing, crocheting, and other stuff. But she tried it and got hooked.

She later got the idea of recycling cards, which was enhanced by her accumulated art skills. She makes very high level cards. It's hard to describe the level of intricacy and detail that go into them. These are so much more than your basic "folded in half with a pretty picture on the front and happy birthday written inside." There are a lot of really cool folding designs, like tabs that pull out or pop up, folds for tags or small goodies, and 3 dimensional designs. Depending on the theme, she can attach small flowers or dinosaurs, sand or dirt for texture, the possibilities are endless.

She spends an inordinate amount of time reading card design magazines and browsing Pinterist, looking at other artists' work. It's not just gluing trinkets on paper. She paints, draws, stamps, and also has a machine called a "cricket" that cuts designs into paper. People bring in old cards, which also contribute to the designs. She makes cards for the various holidays and special occasions, as well as special request ones. They are often for sale in craft fairs around the area. Feel free to stop by her store to see some of her work. We will have a video with examples of the process on our Facebook page next week.