Peg Heglund is working on putting together a security committee to figure out how to deal with surveillance data. Where is all this data coming from? The Justice Center and Government Center are installing security cameras. There are concerns about who gets to access the data, and the process for that, as well as storage and other concerns. Police will be able to monitor the cameras, for instance, if the panic button is pushed, to gether information before sending in officers. The cameras will cover both the inside and outside of the building, as well as the parking lot and a bit of the street. This will help with security, as well as reduce incidents of graffiti.

The city is also taking advantage of the security to set up a "swap spot." The concept is to set up a safe public area, on camera, for people to meet up, for example, when buying something on Craigs List and want to add some protection. The concept has been very popular in Hennepin County.

In other news:

•Glenn Kack reported that Project Turnabout treated about 1700 patients last year.

•Circle of Hope recently had two people celebrating 16 years of sobriety.

•John Berends encouraged the board to continue looking into taking advantage of advancing technology to facilitate meetings. There are semi-recent advancements, including Skype, to allow teleconferences, saving committee or board members significant travel time. There is a challenge of updating the "public meeting laws." MCIT is working on that issue.

•Yellow Medicine County was found to be ranked 72 out of 87 counties for internet service in Minnesota, this study showed the dire need for the broadband project

•The Chemical Health Coalition applied for the DFC grant on March 15th. There was a technicality that caused their application to get rejected. They needed an ERA commons number, which hasn't been a requirement in past years. This was a common issue, and other coalitions were able to get their number on the same day. The Yellow Medicine Coalition was not, but is working on talking with senators to resolve the situation. There is still a chance to be awarded funding.