Granite Falls native Dr. Corey Schuler returned home last Wednesday (May 10) to address 18 graduating honor students at a banquet hosted by the Granite Falls and Clarkfield Lions Clubs. Schuler is a Certified Nutrition Specialist with Metabolic Treatment Center in Hudson, Wisconsin. Corey, son of Lion Larry Schuler, noted he was one of the honor students 19 years ago who had stood and announced his intended college and major at the Lions Club banquet. He followed through with both his school and his major, graduating from Valparaiso with a degree in chemistry. “I planned to work as a chemist in a business environment to help the world,” Schuler said. But his education led him to serve in a way he had never intended, helping patients who want to get well. To illustrate this change of direction in life, Schuler told a story about a Stradivarius violin which was being auctioned in 1998. But its authenticity was challenged. He explained how it wasn’t a musician who established the age of the instrument. Rather, it was a scientist who studied tree rings in Italy. “Who were the experts?” Schuler asked. “A dendrochronologist saved the day,” Schuler concluded. “What you’re good at, the world needs. Stick with it.” After Schuler’s address, the Yellow Medicine East students were presented certificates to conclude the ceremony.