It was just this past September Joe Schieffert and his wife Ashley opened Superior Transportation Services in Olivia. Now, just eight months later, the pair is already taking steps to expand their business model with the incorporation of a new transportation service, Superior Mobility. “Things have been going great with the bus service, and this is just another need we’ve recognized that we feel we can meet,” said Joe Schieffert. “Hopefully this will help people realize that we plan to be here a long time and we’re invested in these communities.”

Through Superior Mobility the Schiefferts offer non-emergency medical transportation services accessible to the wheelchair bound, developmentally disabled and the elderly on a pre-scheduled basis that is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week to any location. Schieffert says he contacted the likes of Renville County, Central Community Transit (CCT) and the Renville County Hospital and was informed of the need for long range special transportation services to cities such as Minneapolis, St. Cloud and Rochester. Typical drop-off and pick-up locations include: hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, private residences and clinics, and Superior Mobility is able to work out billing arrangements whether through insurance, the county or private pay.

Schieffert said other benefits of Superior Mobility include it’s ability to transport multiple individuals (or even multiple wheel chairs) as part of the service, meaning a family member or friend is able ride along for an appointment. Additionally, they offer a “door through door” service. “When we take people to doctors appointments, which is primarily what we do, we don’t just park at the door,” Schieffert explained. “We wheel them or walk them in to get checked in at the desk. We also help them to make any follow up appointments so that we can coordinate everyone’s schedule.” Superior Transportation Services The Schiefferts started Superior Transportation in 2012, first earning a transportation service contract with the Tri-Valley Opportunity Council.

Thereafter, a contract was obtained with the Springfield School District in 2014 and then the BOLD School District in the spring of 2016. Prior to that, Schieffert had garnered additional experience managing and operating Sleepy Eye Bus Service Inc. along with his father and uncle. Schieffert said it was a request by the Springfield nursing home and assisted living facility which led to the development of Mobility Transportation Services first in Springfield. At present, there are four Mobility Transportation Service vans serving the Springfield area and just one van available out of Olivia. “It’s not economical for us to bring up vans from the Springfield area so this makes sense for us economically,” he said.

“We’ll have one van to start, as I believe in walking before we’re running. But I think we’ll have a need for more in the future.” Aside from the additional services Superior Mobility provides, Schieffert said the move is also desirable from the standpoint of employees interested in working beyond just the school year. To date, Superior Transport-ation and Mobility has 18 busses, 10 vans, four mobility service vans and approximately 20 drivers at the Springfield location. At the Olivia operation, there are another 18 busses, six vans, the single new mobility service van and approximately 30 drivers.

Individuals interested in contacting Superior Mobility for information about their transportation services may do so by dialing (507)920-7864.