Noah Lusti is the latest intern at the Advocate Tribune. He splits his time between Granite Falls and Buffalo. He is a senior at YME, and will be one of the tennis team captains this upcoming season. His other main interest is politics. He helped Andrew Falk during his campaign. He is active in social media and often engages with politicians online and in real life.

"I feel like not enough people know or care enough to know the effects it has on them...Government has this bad connotation. Everyone hates government because of this or that, but they don't have an understanding about what governments do." He has an interest somewhere between filmmaking and writing as a career direction. He might also get involved with politics.

He's not sure about going to college, but he's doing plenty to learn and grow in his own free time. Lusti enjoys reading newspapers, and thought the internship sounded like fun. He's looking forward to learning new skills, further developing his writing, and getting to know the community. His dream goal is to make a full length movie. He was inspired by the documentary Sicko by Michael Moore, and one idea would be a follow up/update about healthcare. He also enjoys writing stories, so he can also see himself writing some kind of action adventure movie.