The 2017 Birch Coulee Craftsman Fair was hosted by KMS May 17 – 19. Schools in attendance were Benson, Hancock, KMS, Montevideo, Ortonville, and YME. Projects were entered from grades 7 through 12. The different categories were Wood, Metals, and CAD.

Craftsman of the Year Winners

Grades 7 – 9 Marcus Niemeyer YME,

Grades 10 – 12 Jordan Odegard YME, CAD Chase Young Benson

Instructors Award Winners 7th Grade Preston Ballard Ortonville 8th Grade Rachel Berens Benson 9th Grade Will Enderson Benson 10th Grade Brad Anderson KMS 11th Grade Kaleb Koehl Hancock 12th Grade Jordan Odegard YME Overall

Instructors Award Jacob Carlson KMS

The Birch Coulee Craftsman show will be held at Yellow Medicine East in 2018.