On Saturday, June 3rd, Al Reszel will embark on a monumental nine-state, 1,700+ mile solo bicycle ride from St. Paul, Minnesota to the New York headquarters of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in New York City. Reszel’s ride is in support of the Pink Pedals 4 A Cure | Terry’s Ride (PP4AC) organization and the BCRF. Reszel co-founded PP4AC in 2016 with his wife Terry, a breast cancer survivor. “It's about the Struggle, the Care, the Research and the Cure,” said Al Reszel. “Al and I would like everyone to know that while the research is critical to finding a cure, supporting, comforting and caring for those currently battling breast cancer is equally important,” said Terry Reszel.

After months of research and training, Reszel will set off from the Afton State Park just outside St. Paul, Minnesota. The main goal of Reszel’s 1,700+ mile nine-state solo bicycle ride, to raise awareness and donations for the BCRF. Al and Terry hope to raise a minimum of $7,500 in donations for the BCRF during the 2017 fundraising period. This isn’t the first time Al Reszel has attempted a long-range solo bicycle ride in support of his wife Terry and the BCRF. In June of 2016, Al set off from St. Paul, Minnesota, traveling 517 miles over six days, ending his solo bicycle ride in Geneva Illinois. The 517-mile ride in 2016 was the inaugural event for the newly formed Pink Pedals 4 A Cure | Terry’s Ride, an organization created by Al and Terry Reszel to help find a cure for breast cancer.

The 2017 ride is more than three-times the distance, and Al knows he has his work cut out for him. “I look forward to this incredible challenge and raising awareness and funds for the BCRF,” said Al Reszel, Pink Pedals 4 A Cure co-founder and solo bicyclist. Terry’s story of survival began in 2000 when she received the first of many calls regarding her mammogram results. In 2001, after a courageous battle, Terry lost her cousin Cherry to breast cancer. From 2001 to 2009, Terry was forced to endure multiple biopsies and ultrasounds creating more and more cause for concern. Then in 2010, Terry was diagnosed with breast cancer.

While waiting on test results of yet another biopsy, Terry received a call from her doctor, informing her of the breast cancer diagnosis. Soon thereafter, Terry underwent a bilateral mastectomy. Six years later, Terry counts her blessings and lives her life one day at a time. Through it all, Terry’s husband Al and family were there to support her each step of the way. In 2017, that support continues as Terry’s husband Al sets his sights on the 1,700+ mile solo bicycle ride to honor his wife’s courageous journey. Al’s ride is aptly named ‘Pink Pedals 4 A Cure | Terry’s Ride’, an organization formed by Al and Terry Reszel in 2016.