This weekend the Granite Legion baseball team competed in the BOLD Mudhen Legion Baseball Tournament at Lions Memorial Park in Bird Island. Granite was placed in the smaller Pool B. There were 3 teams, so the team with the worst differential would place 3rd. The winner of the pool game between the remaining two earns 1st place in pool A. Granite’s first game was against Hutchinson. Hutchinson came out strong and dominated with a 10-0 victory. On Saturday, Granite got a break. Cottonwood was defeated by West St. Paul and then Litchfield, knocking them out of the tournament. West St. Paul conquered BOLD, and Hutchinson won against Annandale 12-2.

On Sunday, Annandale fought back and defeated Granite Falls 5-0. Annandale went on to defeat Litchfield and earn 5th place. Granite Falls lost to BOLD and finished 4th. In the championship, Hutchinson triumphed over West St. Paul 16-0, soundly winning the tournament. Pool A BOLD, Litchfield, West St. Paul, Cottonwood Pool B Hutchinson, Granite Falls, Annandale Friday, June 16 Litchfield 3 vs BOLD 5 Granite Falls 0 vs Hutchinson 10 Saturday, June 18 Cottonwood 0 vs West St. Paul 10 Litchfield 14 vs Cottonwood 1 BOLD 3 vs West St. Paul 8 Hutchinson 12 vs Annandale 2 Sunday, June 19 Annandale 5 vs Granite Falls 0 Litchfield 1 vs Annandale 3 Granite Falls 5 vs BOLD 8 Hutchinson 16 vs West St. Paul 0 Results 1st Hutchinson 2nd West St. Paul 3rd BOLD 4th Granite Falls 5th Annandale 6th Litchfield 7th Cottonwood