State Senator Andrew Lang and Representative Tim Miller attended the county commissioners meeting to discuss the lack of shoulders along Highway 40. Also in attendance were MNDOT District 8 Engineer Jon Huesby and MNDOT Transportation Planner Lindsey Knutson. Numerous safety issues over the lack of shoulders were brought up and discussed. No action was taken at this time.

Ag./Drainage Inspector Josh Macziewski meet before the board to discuss the installation of a right turn lane on Highway 40 for the Riverview Dairy. The turn lane will be constructed over a section of drain tile from Branch 4 of Lateral 4 of County Ditch #16. Macziewski will prepare a permit application and forward it to Riverview Dairy.

Macziewski asked the board for authorization to sell a 2001 Ford F-150 pickup that is no longer used. Also, a 2003 Chevrolet Impala will be listed for sale as well. Macziewski reported on a petition that had been filed for an improvement to Latera “D” of County Ditch #22. Bill Helget, P.E. from Bolton & Menk was appointed as engineer for the project. Macziewski also discussed quotes he has received for ditch repairs.

The board accepted a low quote from Heiling Construction of Maynard in the amount of $26.295.70 to repair Lateral “A” of Branch #1 of county Ditch #37. The board also accepted a low quote of $10,583.70 from J. Westfield Exca­vating for the repair to County Ditch # 59. Macziewski requested authorization to advertise for the construction of a cold storage building to be built adjacent to County Shop#1.

The board authorized the advertising for bids to construct the cold storage building as requested. MNDOT Project Mana­ger Teal Spellman met with the board to provide an update on the project to replace the bridge across Lac qui Parle Lake on Highway 40. Spellman reported that there are two public hearings planned during 2017 leading up the final detail design of the project. Construction is expected to take place during 2019.

County Engineer Steve Kubista met with the board to provide a report of the activities of the Highway Department during the month of May 2017. Kubista requested authorization of a resolution authorizing the execution of a Master Partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transport­ation. MNDOT wishes to cooperate closely with local units of government to coordinate the delivery of transportation services and maximize the efficient delivery of such services at all levels of government. the resolution was adopted.

Building Maintenance Supervisor Joey Buseman met with the board to discuss hiring a replacement worker. The board authorized Buseman to advertise or the position as soon as a letter of resignation is received from the current maintenance worker. Auditor/Treasurer Jon Clauson requested approval of an extension to the requirement by the federal government of having a federal award procurement standards police to December 31, 2017. The board approved the extension as requested.