The Western Fest 5k run had a record turnout Saturday morning. Over 100 runners and walkers competed in the race. The course was marked out with paint and cones, taking them from the high school track field, through downtown, over the river and back for a final lap before the finish line. Dan Nielsen finished first overall, with a time of 17:14. YME track star Rory Schackelford finished second in 19:06. Emily Feyereisen, fiance of Nielsen, was the first female finisher, with a time of 22:15. She has family in Granite, which brought the couple out from the Twin Cities area to take part in the race. Impressivly, some runners finished pushing strollers, and one determined gentleman pushed a walker all the way to the finish.

Overall Champions

Male: Dan Nielsen 17:14

Female: Emily Feyereisen 22:15

Top 20 Male runners:

Dan Nielsen 17:14 Rory Shackelford 19:06 Elliot Carmany 20:19 David Wingert 20:51 Jayce Hernandez 21:25 Brandon Kielland 21:50 Adam Podratz 22:57 Rob Randall 23:09 Steve Carmany 24:04 John Virnig 24:08 Drake Lieser 24:28 Derrick Lien 24:46 Brian Lien 24:46 Travis Peterson 24:22 Tegan Hansen 25:00 Jeff Husby 25:28 Caleb Jans 25:36 Cory Olson 25:42 Ethan Kontz 25:47 Mason Luepke 27:25

Top 20 Female runners:

Emily Feyereisen 22:15 Beth Pullan 24:24 Cassie Weir 25:07 Anna Lewis 25:28 Anna Vikander 25:40 Violet Anderson 25:56 Catie Dahl 26:17 Emily Breck 26:44 Janet Kubly 26:57 Elle Anna Hansen 27:05 Courtney Winter 27:07 Tasha Feldman 27:41 Jennifer Sneller 27:45 Brylea Ruff-Mulligan 28:14 Liberty Wendiger 28:21 Kim Valk 28:31 Brittany Raddatz 28:38 Mary Jo Skjefte 28:41 Angela Winter 28:54 Kaitlin Wohlman 29:15