Don't miss this week's Riverside Market and Muse, Joey Flip will start the afternoon of music at 11:30 a.m. with Harmonicas for Kids at 12:30 p.m.. He'll give a short lesson on how to play the harmonica and the students can keep the harmonica! So bring the kids to the plaza next to the K. K. Berge building and the adults are also in for a treat with his music. Then at 2:30 p.m. the Outta Towners add to the day's musical treats ending at 4:30 p.m.. Any type of vendor can set up, free, along the downtown plazas during these events which occur monthly on the second Saturday. These are coordinated with Prairie Mercantile's flea markets and the purpose is to bring shoppers to Granite Falls! The music and other art activities are funded by a grant through the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council.

So help out the Chamber and the business community, come down and browse the vendors or bring your products to sell. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy a free concert by the river ! Shop owners are encouraged to have "Market Day" specials and put a discount table out on the sidewalk on these Saturdays. Together we can make these Riverside Market and Muse events a reason to stay in Granite Falls and enjoy the summer! Things always change but the news of Willies Korner Store closing is the end of an era. I went to school here in the 60s and walked there to get my very unhealthy lunch of a candy bar and pop at Willies. It looked almost the same then as it does now. I can't think of another business in town that has kept it's unique character for that long. I'm happy to see that Almich's Market is carrying their products, good luck to both! We have other long running businesses like Korthuis Jewelry but they have moved locations and the interior look has changed.

Both are independent businesses meaning they're not affiliated with a larger company. Did you know that July 4 is also Independent’s Day? It's a reason to celebrate being an independent business. In this era of big box stores and online shopping, this is something that can set your business apart and should be used in your advertising and other marketing. It makes your business unique and this is something that shoppers are looking for when everything is so easily available online. They want a shopping "experience" rather than just a place to buy something so celebrate the fact that you're a unique, independent business! _________