At this week’s Granite Falls City Council meeting the council had a discussion about the Volstead House renovations. The completion date for the renovations has been pushed back to July 30 after some unexpected problems with the deck and porch, they also discovered an additional problem with the floor being unstable, the council decided they will be spending an extra $25,000 to replace it now instead of later, but it was unknown if this is included in the delay or if it will take even longer to complete it. There was also a final assessment hearing to discuss major utility improvements.

One resident showed up to voice his displeasure with the frequency of road work near his house and complained that the city had previously worked on a problem they are fixing now. City Engineer Mike Amborn calmly explained that this was a separate and necessary utility project and that they would be working fast to get things done, After more discussion everything was eventually cleared up and the council ended the hearing. Project 1 for utility improvements will take place on 8th Avenue and Prentice Street to 2nd Street, and will cost $46,809.55 to complete. The project will update the sewer and water systems as well as the curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.

In other news: • The KCC is officially moving to a 24-hour facility. • Solar power subscriptions are on sale. • The small cities grant application moved forward. • The city bike program is being moved to the KCC and will operate on a checkout system due to vandalism and theft.