The Living at Home/ Block Nurse Program (LAH/BNP) will be hosting a Yard and Garden Tour, and it’s just around the corner. “It’s a great evening for those who love gardening,” said LAH/BNP board member Lisa Knutson. The Yard and Garden Tour will take place Tuesday, July 11 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. and presents a wonderful opportunity for people not only to admire beautiful gardens, but to visit with other garden enthusiasts in their element. “It’s a great way to gain new ideas, learn how to grow certain plants, and find out what has or hasn’t worked for others who love to experiment in their gardens,” added Knutson. Additionally, homeowners will be available to answer any questions about their gardens.

The Yard and Garden Tour is set to be a relaxed evening stroll through different and diverse gardens featuring everything from vegetables to Native plants to annuals and perennials and full sun or full shade plants. Participants will receive a brochure with information about each garden site. “It is organized in a way that is relaxed, and participants can visit each site and come and go as they wish,” said Knutson. The Yard and Garden Tour includes nine different gardens, five “Prentice Street Gardens,” located along the Minnesota River and four located just outside of the scenic river valley on Pleasant Street and Primrose Lane. While admirers can visit each garden at their leisure, they are encouraged to begin their journey at any one of the Prentice Street locations and work their way up outside of the river valley concluding their Garden Tour at the home of Dwayne and LaVonne Koenen where participants are invited to sit, visit and enjoy refreshments. “We can’t thank the homeowners enough for their willingness to be a part of this Yard and Garden Tour by making their gardens available for others to enjoy.

The Yard and Garden Tour includes the Prentice Street homes of Mary and Phil Kelly where a variety of shade plants create a calm and soothing place to enjoy the outdoors, Karla and Butch Ims where flowers line the yard along the Minnesota River, Kay and Ron Thorkelson who are featuring several plant areas among a beautiful rose garden, Jan Wambeke and Ed Rholik displaying a yard filled with a mix of perennials and annuals and a garden shed with a unique history, and Liz and Wayne Deblieck where participants can take in a scenic backyard and a pond. Just outside the River Valley on Primrose Lane participants will take in lots of sun at the home of Angie and Dave Knollenberg who have been adding gardens and landscaping since 2003, sharing in a love of gardening that Angie received from her parents and grandparents, and the home of Dennis and Phyllis Schultz where participants will enjoy the couple’s forty-five years of gardening experience which includes a vegetable garden and stunning perennial gardens. Just around the bend on Pleasant Street the home of Val and Mike Hoffman will be on display – where gardens and landscape features have been steadily added for the past twenty years.

Participants will then meander to the home of Lavonne and Dwayne Koenen where the refreshments await, along with several garden areas ranging from full shade to full sun, including a Native Plant garden. Tickets for the Yard and Garden Tour are available for $12.00 and can be purchased at the Living at Home/Block Nurse office or the Granite Falls Bank. Tickets may also be purchased the day of the tour at some of the homes, just look for the blue balloons. “This is the first time the LAH/BNP has done something like this and it’s something we hope people will enjoy and that we can continue to grow in the years to come,” said Knutson.

Proceeds from the tour will help to support the efforts of the LAH/BNP, whose mission is to assist older persons in remaining safe and independent in their own homes and communities. The LAH/BNP consists of three employees, eight board members and seventy-three volunteers and serves 177 clients with needs ranging from transportation, light chores, appointments and short term respite care. That being said, Knutson noted the importance of all their helpful volunteers, “we couldn’t do it without them,” while adding that additional volunteers are always needed and in demand. More information about the Yard and Garden Tour and the Living at Home Block Nurse Program can be obtained by calling their office at 320-564-3235 or visiting their website at A rain date for the tour is set for Thurs., July 13.