Great Plains approached Clarkfield’s Public Works Director. Dustin Kramer. about figuring out where to “set up shop” during their upcoming infrastructure project. They will be working on the city’s gas lines and need office space, as well as storage space for valves and equipment. Great Plains pitched the idea of renting the city garage for the duration of the project. Kramer discussed the idea with the council. Mayor Jeff Lobdell favored keeping the space open as a public meeting area. During the discussion, council members continually remembered more and more groups and events that have used the space.

Council member Sue Fritz floated a motion to let Great Plains rent the space from August until “first frost” (through October, or potentially November, depending on weather). Then the space would be cleared out and open to the public over the winter, November/December through March. Great Plains would move back in the spring until the project was finished. Kramer reported the estimated total time was 12-18 months. The council discussed alternative options for Great Plains, but wanted Great Plains to come to the meeting to give more specific information regarding their needs, how much storage space, etc. No decisions were made, and Kramer will reach out to Great Plains to invite them to the next meeting. In other news: The city is gathering sealed bids for the daycare project. The Parochial School was built on a floating slab foundation, so the project will need to be new construction, increasing the cost and extending the timeline of completion. The city is working on a temporary back up plan to have daycare available in the fall. They have been gathering donations and working with the Bush Foundation to apply for a grant from the foundation as well.