At this week’s Yellow Medicine County Board meeting the board discussed buffer law enforcement, and certain fines and fees for noncompliance. For example, if you don’t comply you have 11 months with no fee and time to sort out any issues, after 11 months it’s $200 per month for six months, then after six months it’s a 500 dollar per month fine, and so on. The county does have the right to waive all fees if they choose to do so. The board made it clear they don’t want to be the bad guys, but they also want to make sure they have a large percentage of people following the ordinance. There is still a discussion on who is going to be in charge of enforcing the ordinance but nothing was decided.

There was also a discussion on a broadband survey again this week, and the board made it clear they will be moving forward with it, after sorting out a few details and the method of the survey process. One of the main aspects the board is looking at is wireless connection, boosted by fiber and towers. The survey base has been pre-selected and will focus just on rural areas, not people inside towns or communities, and the survey will also try to get feedback from rural businesses. The Board then discussed Sunday liquor sales, and was given an update on how the surrounding communities are operating under the new law. At the county level there is only one current off sale site and they can sell between the hours of 11 a.m..-6 p.m..

The statute also says that a city or county licensing body could further restrict what happens on a Sunday, even as far as saying no. Currently Yellow Medicine County doesn’t have a liquor ordinance, but there is a possibility Yellow Medicine and Renville County will work on a joint ordinance to say they are following the statute. Looking at local cities, Wood Lake has no restrictions and Woody’s Bar is open from 12-6 p.m., Echo, Granite Falls, and Hanley Falls all are not going to have stores open Sunday. In other news: There is an open house August 17 at the Yellow Medicine County Courthouse. The board approved a liquor license for The Rock, a restaurant opening in the old Bootlegger’s building. There was a discussion of a possible grant program for an anti drinking program in schools called ROOTS, which targets middle schoolers in an effort to cut down future senior and junior drinking.