Now, the kids (pictured on the right - Steve and Katie Fry have Hannah, Hunter and Hayden Fry. Steph Fry has Sutton McCoss. Tanya and Bruce Lundin, have Brynn and Tessa. Carl and Megan Sharkey have Jax) got to be the grand prize winners. They were all very excited for the most part! We all grew up in Hanley Falls, where our parents before us grew up. Our parents married another set of siblings so we really only had one side of the family. We shared the same lake also when we were young. There are tons of inside jokes and things our parents will never find out! We were and are still very close you could say. We grew even closer after the death of my brother Joe in 2007. It was a tragic thing we all had to go through at a young age. But we made it through together like family should. As our family is continuing to grow we thought it would be fun to do the kiddie parade the same theme as 24 years ago. My mom, Jill Fry, made all of the costumes and signs.